Sunday, July 14, 2019

Lokshaba on Friyay!

12th July, 2019

The day like always started with the question hour. There were 20 questions from various MPs that requested answers from respective ministers either verbal or in written. There were 230 other questions that expected answers in writing only. These are generally detailed reports and descriptive essays with numbers and other points of facts.
Its not surprising that there are so many questions. In general, an average MP poses about 600 questions to the house. Top performing MPs might even ask as many as 1200 to 1500 questions in one term at office.
Today’s questions were mostly posed to Health and Family Welfare, the minister was asked 8 questions, but all the questions were answered orally by the minister. The questions ranged from lack of MBBS doctors to use of Artificial intelligence in Public health. Not surprisingly 77 questions were posed to the Minister of Health and Family Welfare that required to be answered in writing.

Papers laid on the table:
Nothing really interesting here, just notifications of different things in the Gazette of India. Official reports and reviews of different central institutions like AIIMS, Central Silk Board, IITs etc etc
The only thing that caught my eye was that the Ministry of AYUSH has laid a paper with its demands. Not sure what these demands are, maybe we can look it up.
Meh, no great statements. The Health Minister made a couple of statements about implementation of the recommendations certain standing committees.

The Health minister proposed 3 motions about electing people to different medical institutions like the JIPMER and PGIMER, and a central supervisory board.
There was a similar motion by the Minister of Environment about election of members on the Tiger Conservation Authority.

Discussion on Union Budget:
There were a few MPs who wanted to demand a grant. Basically they were not happy with the railway budget and wanted a closer look at it. So they asked for a further discussion on the Demand for Grant No. 82 under the control of the Ministry of Railway. There were about 21 MPs who supported this motion for demand for grant. This was put to vote and negatived. So the housed moved on.
After a break the house convened again

Government Bills:
The first Bill to be moved was the Central Universities (Amendment) Bill, 2019. This basically says there would be new central universities built in the nation. First of which will be built in Andhra Pradesh. A central university and a Central Tribal University. These two universities will be ready 4 years and will be set up in 1400 Crores. Neat!
There were a few MPs who participated in a debate. Incidentally, the Bill was taken up for debate clause by clause and finally the bill was passed in about two hours.

Private Members Bills:
45 Bills were introduced by different members stating from Martyr’s Families to Coaching classes regulation to board of flood victims. (List of Bills introduced here)
Out of the 45, just one of them was interesting enough for the members of the house to talk about. It was the Compulsory Voting Bill, 2019. Doesn’t sound interesting? Interesting yes, but I don’t think it can actually be a law. I mean I don’t see it happening, and so did the members of the house. This Bill was put to discussion and 3 Members had spoken about it when the clock struck 6. Its Friday, so the members packed up and left.
That was Friyay!


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